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Finding the Right Windshield Replacement Company 

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One of the most vital components of your car is the windshield. Aside from offering a barrier between the road’s elements and yourself, it also protects you from the weather. Furthermore, it helps you clearly see and blocks wind while you are driving.  


Because of this, it is very crucial to have it replaced when it is cracked, chipped, or damaged. Also, it is not legal to drive with a damaged windshield.  

You shouldn’t simply hire the first windshield replacement company you find online. There are a couple of questions you’ve got to ask. This will help guarantee you will be working with a reliable one.  

If you’re looking for a windshield replacement company, here are a couple of things to look for: 

Guarantee or Warranty 

The windshield replacement needs to come always with a guarantee or warranty from the company that provides the service.  

You should not forget to know this before they replace the windshield. This will help you determine if they’re the right company. A couple of warranties are more comprehensive and longer compared to some. Thus, you will want to know what is covered.  


The materials utilized to install the windshield needs to be high-quality. The windshield replacement provider needs to utilize a similar adhesive to the glass manufacturer. The recommended one is 1000 PSI urethane. This standard is intended to guarantee a tight and secure fit that will not enable water or air to leak. In addition to that, in case of a collision, the glass will stay intact.  


If applicable, do not forget to ask if the windshield replacement company will accept your insurance.  

It is always a good idea to look for another company if the insurance provider will pay for the windshield replacement service and the company does not accept the insurance coverage. 


You will want to know what kind of windshields the company is utilizing. Do not look for cheap materials. You have to always prioritize quality over price. You’ve got to ensure the company is selling OEM glass or dealer glass.  

A couple of windshield companies manufacture their own glass. This might present distortions. OEM or dealer glass is held to higher standards. This type of glass ensures durability and clarity.  

Technician Training 

In addition to that, you have to ask about the training that their staff has gone through. You should not hesitate to look for another company if the company you are trying to hire will not offer you with training information for their staff. Also, it is ideal to ask how long every technician has been on the job. This will help you measure their experience.  


Before you drive the car, you should ask the company how long you can expect to wait. Keep in mind that the adhesive used in the windshield replacement will take several hours to cure. Some companies will allow you to drive your car after 1-4 hours.  

In addition to that, you have to ensure they’ve got more than 1 technician to handle the job. Windshield replacement is not a one-man job.  

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